We create Mitsubishi Electric Quality.

At Mitsubishi Electric, we develop our own unique quality standards that set us apart from the rest of the industry. By following these standards, we ensure that all areas of our company are constantly developing reliable products. This is what truly matters to us.
But producing high-quality equipment is not our only concern. We also ensure excellence in the after-sales services we offer, as it is thanks to these services that we can be certain that our customers will be able to rely on our products for even longer.
Believing in Mitsubishi Electric Quality means believing in generating benefits for our customers, not just today, but always.

Mitsubishi Electric Quality and Technology. A lot of work involved.

Thiago Richard Caetano
Service Engineer — Melco CNC do Brasil

When I think about the CNC market, I can definitely say that Mitsubishi Electric competes with the best. The quality of our work shows that our products and services are a perfect fit, in line with market needs. Our added value, in terms of both quality and technology, sets us apart from our competitors by ensuring great value for money.
I feel very proud to work for a company with these characteristics and that has worked hard to get to where it is today, but we know that maintaining this level is a huge responsibility and a constant challenge for all of us at Mitsubishi Electric.

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Listen to the customer and understand their needs. That is my philosophy at Mitsubishi Electric.

Elias Aarão de Melo
Quality Analyst — Melco Automotivos do Brasil

My time at Mitsubishi Electric has been always about learning. I felt really happy on my first day at work because I knew that I was starting a new phase at a large company full of excellent professionals.
Through my day-to-day interactions with these professionals, I realized that one of the most important parts of my role was knowing how to listen. I've learnt a lot from my work colleagues by listening to their stories about our company's philosophy and, above all, I've learnt how important it is to listen to our customers and understand their needs. Today it's clear that, by doing just that, we are able to resolve concerns and problems and, as such, deliver high-tech, high-performance products and services to our customers in exactly the way they want.

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Understanding the customer, to come up with the best possible solutions.

Luiz Tadashi Akuta — Manager of the Cross Sales Business Unit

Luiz Tadashi Akuta
Manager of the Cross Sales Business Unit

I have been working at Mitsubishi Electric for over 20 years. I have worked in a wide range of areas in the company and have had the opportunity to meet lots of customers. As I know the solutions we offer in the Brazilian Market inside out, I am now the Cross Sales Manager. I'm the connection between the customer and all of the company's different business areas. My role is to understand what the customer needs and how they can take full advantage of Mitsubishi Electric's integrated solutions.
One of the best things I have seen throughout all these years at the company has been our team's commitment to delivering a product that is truly reliable and can last much longer. This means that the word "quality" has become a tradition around here.

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Being part of the Mitsubishi Electric family makes the difference.

Nilton Paulo Raimundo Mendes — Regional Manager — Visual Information Systems

Nilton Paulo Raimundo Mendes
Regional Manager — Visual Information Systems

Being part of a team is like being part of a real family. That's how I felt when I came to work at Mitsubishi Electric. I was welcomed as an important part of the team, which made all the difference.
All families grow and we are no different. I worked for the Visual Information Systems unit in Brazil when I started, but recently my role has expanded to include all the Southern Cone countries. When it comes to the challenges I face on a daily basis, what motivates me is the fact that, just as Mitsubishi Electric makes a difference to my life, I get to show my customers how it can help to transform their businesses too. I believe that each and every one of us can make the world a better place and, with the products and services it offers, Mitsubishi Electric has been a part of this.

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Going beyond customers' expectations.
That is Mitsubishi Electric.

Thiago Turcato — Engineering Department Supervisor, Mitsubishi Electric do Brasil

Thiago Turcato
Engineering Department Supervisor, Mitsubishi Electric do Brasil

I have always worked with technology. It is my great passion. Everyone in my field wants to work with cutting-edge technology and, here at Mitsubishi Electric, I am lucky enough to be able to do so every day. I started my career as an electronics technician and I graduated as an engineer. Today, I'm responsible for coordinating and supervising the team that provides all the technical support and training to our customers in the Factory Automation field. During my time here, I have been able to see what sets our products apart in terms of their durability and low maintenance requirements. This means that our customers' expectations are always surpassed by the quality of the products that we develop.

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Safety always comes first.
That's my motto.

Bruno Rodrigues de Lima — Technical Quality Auditor, Melco Elevadores

Bruno Rodrigues de Lima
Technical Quality Auditor, Melco Elevadores

During the time that I've been working with Mitsubishi Electric, I've had the opportunity to spend time in two different areas of the company: firstly in the equipment installation area and later in the quality audit area. One of the things that has impressed me the most is Mitsubishi Electric's emphasis on the quality and safety of all of its equipment.
In order to do my job perfectly, I always use the quality tools and manuals provided by the company. The accuracy of the information in it gives me great peace of mind, as I know that, by following the instructions, I'm always ensuring that everything is in perfect order and safe for users. This also helps to make the preventive maintenance carried out by our team easier.

Sustainable Projects.
More than special.

Tatiana Mikie Masuki — Business Development Manager, FAM Ar Condicionado

Tatiana Mikie Masuki
Business Development Manager, FAM Ar Condicionado

I have been working with Mitsubishi Electric for several years, or to be more precise, since I finished my graduation to become an electrical engineer. Since the beginning, I realized that I was developing projects alongside a strong and credible brand that also cared deeply about quality, technology and efficiency when creating sustainable products — very special characteristics that are essential for the projects I carry out.
With each new job, it is clear that Mitsubishi Electric is always committed to creating durable and highly energy-efficient products, keeping the environment in mind at all times. Our customers are extremely pleased with the products that they buy and they notice a difference in the long term, mainly in terms of the technical and after-sales support that we provide for the equipment. I can definitely say that I always have a smile on my face while I'm working, as I'm certain that we provide solutions that enhance the quality of life of our customers.