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Enhancing Quality of Life Together

Enhancing Quality of Life Together

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is involved in activities that are indispensable to the
development of Brazil's infrastructure, including Factory Automation Solutions, Air Conditioning Systems, Automotive Equipment and Transportation Systems.
In late 2014 and early 2015, we launched the campaign "Enhancing quality of life together", which provides an insight from our customers into the highly efficient, safe and comfortable solutions that we supply.
We will remain actively involved in the future of Brazil and you can expect some great achievements on our part.

JAPAN HOUSE São Paulo (Building Solutions)

The world's first JAPAN HOUSE operates with our technology.

JAPAN HOUSE is a Japanese Government initiative which brings together art, technology, and businesses to give Brazilians an insight into contemporary Japan, without foregoing its roots and traditions. Many people pass through its doors every day. To ensure that its visitors have a more pleasant experience, it has chosen Mitsubishi Electric building solutions technology (air conditioning, building administration systems, elevators, and jet towel hand dryers) to afford its users more comfort and its managers greater efficiency; and all of this with significant energy saving and the least environmental impact.

Perfor (Factory Automation)

Greater accuracy, increased performance and much more success.

Perfor is a company that develops, sells and exports—on a global scale—its special designs featuring modern, innovative technology for checkweighers, metal detectors and bag filling machines.
With products aimed at various market segments, including the food, chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals sectors, plus many others, Perfor seeks excellence in its production and complete customer satisfaction.
By choosing Mitsubishi Electric's cutting-edge factory automation technology to form part of its machines, Perfor has been able to offer its customers more advanced, higher quality and higher performance products at a lower price.
As well as pointing out these benefits, Perfor, through the testimonial provided by its Head of Factory Automation, explains how Mitsubishi Electric technology helped the company to achieve other significant results.
Mitsubishi Electric helps companies to thrive by offering very high quality products and helping Brazil to continue to improve its economy.

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Mackenzie Presbyterian University (Air Conditioning Systems)

The ideal environment for achieving great things

Mackenzie Presbyterian University, one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Brazil, has a history of partnership with Mitsubishi Electric. The air conditioning systems installed on the campus, together with the support offered to the university, make it a healthy, comfortable and suitable environment so that students, teachers and staff can concentrate on doing what they do best: teaching and research.
Mackenzie University recently took a huge step forward within the international scientific community. It began research into a new material called graphene and built "MackGraphe," an advanced research center dedicated to studying and developing this material, on its São Paulo campus. Through its partnership with Mackenzie University and its high-tech products, Mitsubishi Electric participated in the project from its conception and throughout each stage of the installation and commissioning of the air conditioning and renewal system. As well as precisely controlling temperature and humidity, the system that was installed also controls the air pressure of each laboratory, preventing the ingress of unwanted particles and creating an ideal environment for research.
Together, advanced technology and Mitsubishi Electric have contributed towards education, research and development in the country. We are very proud to be able to contribute towards building a better Brazil.

Splendor Office (Elevators and Escalators)

Making a difference to every trip

We are introducing the elevator installed in the new luxury building called "SPLENDOR Office", built in the region of Piracicaba.
This elevator not only takes users to their desired story safely and quickly, but it also offers city views. In addition, this elevator boasts Mitsubishi Electric technology with a call anticipation system to reduce waiting times. This video also highlights the stability of Mitsubishi Electric elevators. We recommend that you watch it.
Mitsubishi Electric technology provides support for daily tasks, making them more pleasant and enjoyable. We are proud to be able to contribute towards the future of Brazil.

Unicharm Factory (Factory Automation)

Working with Unicharm to bring more smiles to the people of Brazil

Mitsubishi Electric helped to enable and equip Unicharm's industrial operations in Brazil. Unicharm is a large Japanese company that arrived in Brazil in 2011 and which manufactures top-quality disposable diapers, keeping babies comfortable and parents happy. Mitsubishi Electric's factory automation systems enable Unicharm to produce these diapers efficiently and flexibly through adequate control of the production line.
Our high-tech systems not only support Brazilian industries, but also the population as a whole. We are proud to be able to contribute towards the future of Brazil.

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Privilege Club Residence (Air Conditioning Systems)

Family and comfort always come first

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning products not only help to control the temperature in buildings and offices, but they also enhance the home environment.
Brazil is the most vast territory in South America; the north is tropical with a hot, humid climate all year round. Even in that setting, Mitsubishi Electric maintains the temperature and humidity at appropriate levels in your home, helping adults and children alike to enjoy a comfortable, convenient life.
Here are the Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning solutions which provide a comfortable environment for each family in the "PRIVILEGE CLUB RESIDENCE" luxury condominium in Manaus.

Metrô Rio (Transportation Systems)

Reaching your destination, together

Mitsubishi Electric is contributing to reliable, safe, comfortable railway transportation through innovative solutions such as state-of-the-art products and services, and first-class maintenance and service networks. There is a continual focus on eco-conscious manufacturing techniques and products, as well as on evolving our electronic technology to save energy. Nowadays, Mitsubishi Electric railway products and services are being introduced into railway systems in Brazil and various countries around the world.

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Museu Pelé (Air Conditioning Systems)

Creating comfortable, eco-friendly environments

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC air conditioning systems help to enhance environments.
They meet energy saving needs through the use of highly efficient air conditioning systems, creating a comfortable environment in spaces of different sizes with different objectives, such as buildings, offices, production facilities, etc.
Here is an example of our efficient air conditioning system providing visitor comfort at the Museu Pelé in Santos.

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Sakura Nakaya Alimentos (Factory Automation)

Creative solutions for a better future

The first advertisement covering the activities carried out by Mitsubishi Electric in Brazil shows the Factory Automation solutions used by Sakura Nakaya Alimentos, which is famous in Brazil for its soy sauce.
There is also an interview with Carlos Alberto Portscheler in which he explains and assesses our solutions.

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